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How the Barbie advertising and marketing group received the summer time


Summer time 2023 was the summer time of Barbie.

A larger-than-life Barbie (played by Margot Robbie) in a retro blue and white striped swimsuit and cat-eye sunglasses towers above a group of young girls in a desert landscape.

Barbie, towering over our lives in 2023.
Warner Bros.

In all places you seemed there was advertising and marketing — posters, adverts, trailers. There have been Barbie cafés, Barbie Progressive commercials, everybody was sporting pink! It was a pleasant wave of cinematic power.

Margot Robbie as Barbie is featured in front of a sparkly pink and sky blue background and above the words “Barbie is everything.”

Warner Bros.

Ryan Gosling as Ken is pictured against a sparkly blue backdrop wearing a pink and mint-green striped shirt unbuttoned to reveal his chest. Beside his head the words “He’s just Ken” are printed.

Warner Bros.

A promotional photo of a burger sitting on a pink table atop a pink newspaper titled Barbie News. The patty is covered in pink sauce.

Burger King

Barbie Burger.

And it was additionally utterly overwhelming. At instances it felt inescapable.

Barbie’s advertising and marketing felt completely different. And in some methods it was — however it owes quite a bit to the blockbusters that got here earlier than.

The Jaws movie poster features a woman swimming. Beneath her, under the water, lurks a giant shark with an open mouth full of sharp teeth.

Jaws Poster.

Jaws is taken into account to be the primary summer time blockbuster for lots of causes — however most significantly (and most symmetrically with Barbie) due to its advertising and marketing. It was the primary time {that a} studio flooded the market with promoting. In the summertime of 1975, Jaws was inescapable.

A black-and-white photograph of a long line of people waiting outside the movie theater to watch Jaws.

Simply have a look at the road! How may you miss the film occasion of the summer time?
Getty Photos

Since then, studios have tried to duplicate that technique just about yearly.

However Barbie was completely different — as a result of, not like most blockbusters, Barbie was unabashedly female, enjoyable, and pink. For those who’d wish to find out about how Barbie stole the summer time, take a look at the most recent Vox video.

You could find this video and your entire library of Vox’s movies on YouTube.




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