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Anhinga – Reflections of the Pure World


Stunning Birds of Belize Weblog – Put up #70

Belize is residence to over 500 species of birds, making it a premier birding vacation spot. Its wealthy avian variety, coupled with its lush landscapes and vibrant tradition, make it a must-visit vacation spot for birders and nature fanatics alike. Utilizing my private images in a weblog publish format, viewers will study concerning the pure historical past and conservation standing of those fascinating birds on this lovely nation.
Reflections of the Pure World Weblog Put up Collection by Jim Acquire


Anhinga – Anhinga anhinga
Tupí identify Anhinga little head, for an evil spirit of the forests, the satan chicken;

About this Species

The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), also known as the “Snakebird” or “Water Turkey,” possesses a number of distinctive bodily traits. These aquatic birds have lengthy, sinuous necks and sharp, pointed payments tailored for spearing fish. They showcase predominantly darkish plumage, with shiny black feathers on their upperparts and a white or pale silver underside. Their lengthy tail feathers, typically with a particular white tip, add to their hanging look.

The Anhinga is a outstanding aquatic chicken native to the Americas. These birds are generally present in freshwater habitats, together with swamps, lakes, and slow-moving rivers. Anhingas are identified for his or her distinctive underwater foraging skills, as they swim submerged, utilizing their sharp payments to spear fish. After fishing, they’ll typically be seen perched in timber with their wings unfold large open to dry their feathers, as they lack the waterproof oils that many different water birds possess.

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